About Us

Digital Microcredit is a microfinance institution that provides low cost loans and grant financing to marginalised and vulnerable sections of the society in rural areas who cannot access credit and loans from conventional banks because of lack of security and collateral. Our target clientele are MSMEs, Cooperatives, Women and Youth involved in agriculture and clean energy.

Digital Microcredit  undertook a research in the financial services market in order to establish existing capital and financing gap among the working class citizens and small and medium enterprises.

The findings of the research established a huge appetite for financing and capital among this section of the society. How ever, the major challenge within this section of the society was lack of security and collateral to access financing and capital as most financial institutions in Malawi refuse to extend credit without collateral and security. 

Why Choose Us

Pasavute Loan

This product has been designed to serve salaried clients who have sudden and immediate financing needs to address their domestic issues.

Mchikumbe Loan

This product has been designed to capital and financing needs to clients that would like to engage in agribusiness and farming business.

Tithamange Loan

This product has been designed to address capital and financing needs of clients who have innovative business plans and require immediate financing.

Mnthandizi Loan

This product has been designed to address emergency and sudden domestic needs or any other eventualities that require financing.

Amayi ndi Achinyamata Loan

Digital Microcredit Limited have taken steps to bolster the financial literacy and capability of women and the youth with the goal of empowering them to make responsible financial decisions about their own future

Pamodzi Loan

This product has been designed to to provide loans and financing to Cooperatives as they provide goods and services while generating jobs and income for the community.

To provide Hi-Tech innovative and digital financial services and products to vulnerable and marginalised sections of the society at affordable cost.

Our Vision is to contribute to the economic development of Malawi and creating jobs by offering digital financial and credit products using cutting-edge technology and eliminating exploitation by offering affordable digital innovative products to vulnerable and marginalised sections of the society in Malaw

“To create 12,000 jobs in five years by providing affordable digital and market oriented financial products and solutions to SMEs, Cooperatives and vulnerable & marginalized sections of the society as well as smallholder and commercial farmers and contribute to economic development of the country.”

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