Environmental and Social Management System

The company is committed to support various stakeholders economically and socially as dictated by the shareholders. Key stakeholders include the Governments, employees, directors, clients, rural and business and communities.

The motivation to support stakeholders in the catchment area where we provide our services is targeted at reducing poverty through our contribution towards capacity building, financial inclusion and deepening, gender equality, protecting the environment, child care and maternal healthcare. To this end we have branded this corporate social responsibility initiative as DIGITAL Cares, because we aim at building an inclusive, diverse and sustainable future while promoting our financial performance and resilience.

The focus areas and pillars are the environment, the community, the economy and the people. The economic pillar ensures that we are conducting our business in an ethical and responsible way as a major player in financial services sector. It contributes to economic development and job creation in Malawi through the provision of relevant services. The environment pillar aims to protect and promote the both internal and external environment. Our offices are always safe, clean and secure to ensure maximum productivity. We offer education and academic support to our employees to assist them achieve their career aspirations.

We aim to engage and grow staff responsibly by promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We shall provide professional support and career growth for staff members to make Digital Microcredit a responsible employer and great place to work. Our plan is to extend this initiative to support needy students in public universities by offering bursaries and scholarship to students pursuing microfinance, banking, accounting and finance courses. In order to support Government in environmental conservation, we shall support institutions in the agriculture value chain through donations of over 1 million trees by 2024. This initiative is in alignment with the Malawi 2063 and UN Sustainable Development Goals. The tree planting initiative was proposed to be done through staff members, partners, customers and various stakeholders. Digital Microcredit recognises the importance of a green environment and we are committed to support a sustainable green environment that will foster the development of the country.

Our focus on agriculture value chain, SMEs, women and youth loans by offering them with low cost and collateral free loans has received a major boost with special financing from Reserve Bank of Malawi-FINES Project focusing on the vulnerable and marginalized sections of the society in rural and semi-urban areas. This section of the society forms a good portion of our loan portfolio. We shall also support farmers directly by providing them with free farm inputs across the country because Malawi is an agriculture-based economy. In the years to comes we aim to target the healthcare sector by supporting rural based healthcare units by providing surgical equipment, medicine and other related support in response to emerging issues in heath sector

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