In September 2023, the World Bank through the Reserve Bank of Malawi-FINES Project approved a Line of Credit to Digital Microcredit Ltd to the tune of $100,000 to finance loan disbursement with a special focus to the following: agribusiness, irrigation farming, MSMEs, Youth and women, clean energy and any other projects related to climate change including reforestation.

Loans financed under the FINES Project are low cost and the interest rate is below the commercial bank rate. These loans were introduced in order to address the challenges which MSMEs in Malawi have been facing including: low access to finance, lack of proper financial infrastructure which contribute to high cost of wholesale funding available for Micro Finance Institutions and smaller banks which they pass on to their borrowers, lack of capacity among firms, lack of appropriate technological infrastructure and awareness, which contribute further to the perception of high risk of MSMEs and consequently their high cost of borrowing and also challenges occasioned ;by the Covid-19 implications.

Financial Inclusion and Entrepreneurship Scaling (FInES) Project is a five-year Government of Malawi project being implemented by the Reserve Bank of Malawi under the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) with support from the World Bank. The project is aimed at increasing access to financial services, promoting entrepreneurship and capabilities of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Malawi including addressing COVID-19 implications. The project cost is USD86 million with the entire amount financed by the International Development Association loan

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