Digital Wallet and Cardless Withdrawal

This is a truly unique remittance solution whereby we transfer funds from our online banking platform to non-account holders across the country by creating a Digital Wallet. The service is available on Digital Mobile and Cardless Withdrawal online facilities. That is, a Digital Wallet can be created from a transfer made from our Digital Mobile Solution to a recipient’s phone number as well as an Enterprise Solution for making electronic bulk paymentsfrom our corporate account to multiple accounts of beneficiaries or mobile numbers through creation of e-wallet.Once this Wallet has been created, the recipient can purchase Airtime, ESCOM prepaid and pay for water bills as well as direct payments to various merchants. A recipient can also redeem cash from any of First Capital Bank and Standard Bank ATM’s through Cardless Withdrawal functionality. The recipient is required to enter phone number, a six-digit code and amount at the ATM and funds are disbursed. The uniqueness of this solution is that the beneficiary does not need to even have a bank account or an ATM card

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